Air Freight

Recently introduced in our range of transportation services, the airline transport is increasingly gaining ground for small consignment freight, or for freight that requires urgent delivery. Thanks to partnerships concluded with the major airline companies, and also with operators worldwide, we are able to provide competitive rates for any air transport request in the USA, South America, Canada, Asia and other destinations worldwide.

Depending on your needs, we can organize the following types of transport:
Door-to-door – where the goods are taken over from your warehouse and delivered to the doorstep of your client. We will handle the other operations: customs clearance, handling, transshipping, storage.

Terminal – to – terminal – where the goods are taken over from the airport and delivered to a terminal indicated by us, while your recipient handles all the other operations and transport to their headquarters. The main routes on which we operate are: USA, China, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil and also European countries such as: Italy, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom>.

America air transport – thanks to our agents present in all countries in North and South America, we can provide competitive rates for both airport and door-to-door deliveries. In most cases, the goods transported are personal effects or urgent, perishable and high value goods. Our most frequent deliveries are made to New York, Washington, Miami, San Francisco, Vancouver, Brasilia, Montreal, Ottawa, Buenos Aires, Lima, Caracas.

Asia air transport – although the maritime shipping is predominant on this route, in certain emergency situations, when required by specific goods. We have collaborators in the industrial areas of China, as well as other Asian regions, as follows: Beijing, Sichuan, Hong Kong, Gansu, Shanghai, Hanoi, Bangkok, Manila, etc.

Middle East air transport – as a result of partnerships concluded with important airlines, we can also provide safe transport to countries in this region, such as: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and especially Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait.

Africa transport – we can provide air shipping to African destinations such as: Adis Abeba, Tripoli, Rabat, Pretoria, Alger.

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